A common question that many individuals just getting to know the miraculous effects of CBD on sleep ask is, “Will CBD make me tired?” The answer to this question isn’t a solid yes or a hard no, as the effects of CBD often vary depending on what’s paired with it. For instance, another question about CBD is whether taking CBD oil and sleeping pills together is a good idea or does CBD make you relaxed.

If you want to find out the truth regarding the relaxing effects of CBD and whether it can cause fatigue, we advise you to keep reading this article for an in-depth discussion. We’d also discuss the answer of ” Will CBD make me tired?”

Cannabinoids Associated With Sleep

To understand the answer to “Will CBD make me tired?” It’s crucial first to be familiar with the two common cannabinoids associated with sleep and relaxation. These two sister cannabinoids may resemble in their formula but differ massively in their effects on a person. While there are other effective cannabinoids, let’s look at CBD and THC to understand their mechanism for sleep and tiredness.


Cannabidiol or CBD is a cannabinoid obtained from Cannabis sativa, also known as hemp. Contrary to popular beliefs held about cannabis, cannabis-sourced CBD isn’t psychotropic. Psychotropic drugs affect the state of consciousness, usually taking consumers into an altered “high” state.

The CBD works with the endocannabinoid system of the body associated with regulating homeostasis in the human body by triggering neurotransmitters. The ECS has two types of cell receptors: CB1 and CB2. While CB1 receptors reside in the brain and spinal cord region, CB2 has a vast network spread across the body, closer to the nerves.

Studies suggest that CBD can interact with the CB1 receptors in the Central Nervous System (CNS). These receptors trigger certain neurotransmitters mainly found in the brain’s hypothalamus region. The interaction with CB1 receptors helps the CBD act on the body and ultimately alters the hormones associated with sleep and tiredness.


Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is CBD’s sister cannabinoid. The compound is the most abundant formula extracted from hemp compared to other cannabinoids. The most significant difference between THC and other cannabinoids is that THC has a psychoactive effect on consumers. Hence, a person will feel like entering a “high” state upon consuming THC.

The altered consciousness can also affect memory as THC binds to both cell receptors CB1 and CB2. However, the high affinity of THC towards CB1 makes the cell receptors more prone to alteration. The binding with CB2 receptors allows THC to alter motor controls, as often observed in people experiencing “high.”

The intoxicating properties of THC make the compound act as a sedative. The sedatives, by nature, are sleep-inducing and can decelerate brain activity. This slowing down of brain activities also affects a person’s motor abilities and may cause tiredness when the drug is active in the system.

Will CBD make me tired

Will CBD Make Me Tired At Night?

“Will CBD make me tired at night” is another common question that must be discussed. CBD oils commonly sold in the market to induce sleep don’t work like THC. However, the presence of THC within the product is often beneficial for producing the calming state needed for falling asleep. On the other hand, CBD triggers the receptors associated with the secretion of certain hormones related to anxiety and depression.

CBD works with these receptors found in the body, such as the anandamide receptor that regulates the levels of dopamine, a hormone associated with mood disorders and depression. The interaction of CBD with receptors similarly allows the hormone secretion, and the brain eventually sends signals of calm and relaxation to the body, decreasing anxiety.

The lack of excitatory state in the brain’s neurochemicals aids in inducing sleep. However, CBD has shown no interaction in numbing the body or brain to the point of causing muscle tiredness or fatigue. It only works to aid you in having a good night’s sleep.

But, another scenario that often comes across with people using CBD is the usage of CBD oil and sleeping pills together. Since sleeping pills are sedatives formulated to calm your body to the point of inhibiting too much movement, sleeping pills are likely to give an impression of tiredness. Ingesting the CBD oil and sleeping pills together would only add to the sedation and make you feel tired.

So, does CBD make you relaxed? The answer is yes. But, the answer to “Will CBD make me tired at night?” is a hard no. On the other hand, is taking CBD oil and sleeping pills together a good idea? The answer is no, as that will make you tired.

Will CBD Make Me Tired During Daytime?

Let’s discuss the asnwer of ” Will CBD make me tired during daytime?”

You should only consume CBD oils a couple of hours before your sleeping time during the night. The CBD will have enough time to make you feel relaxed while triggering the ECS receptors in the brain. While you sleep, the activated state of CBD will keep your hormonal imbalance in check and let you enjoy your good night’s sleep.

As the activated state slowly starts to fade, the effects of CBD will also begin to wear off. Hence, you won’t feel extra sluggish in the morning, just the morning laziness. Thus, the answer to the question ‘Will CBD make me tired during the daytime?’ is no, as the effects of CBD will have worn off by the time morning rolls.

However, if you decide on taking the CBD oil and sleeping pills together the night before, you can experience the fatigue from the night to linger on for a few hours during the day. Hence, taking the CBD oil and sleeping pills together is neither a good idea for the night nor would it allow you to have an effective and efficient day.

Will CBD make me tired

To Sum It Up!

CBD has revolutionized the health industry with its therapeutic effects and promises an effective anti-anxiety. However, the common question “Will CBD make me tired?” lingers as CBD oils and other CBD products aren’t FDA-approved. Despite that, numerous kinds of research have shown that CBD doesn’t have a psychotropic effect on its consumers, it doesn’t make you tired, and it can significantly improve the quality of an individual’s sleep by curbing anxiety.

So, does CBD make you relaxed? The answer is yes, but it doesn’t make you exhausted during or after activation. Hence, the answer to “Will CBD make me tired?” is no. However, ensure not to consume CBD oil and sleeping pills together as the combination can severely affect your night and day.

Will CBD Make Me Tired? The Truth Revealed