Since wild hemp is now legal in the US, many industries have started investing in cannabidiol. Cannabidiol, or CBD, comes from the hemp plant and is well-known for the bundle of health benefits it offers.

While it helps ease pain, anxiety, insomnia, skin problems, and neurological disorders for humans, does it work the same way for dogs?

Many pet parents and veterinarians have started taking an interest in CBD products for their fur babies. But the most important question remains; is CBD safe for dogs?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the pros and cons of CBD for your canine friends.

Benefits of Cannabidiol for Dogs

While the benefits of CBD for humans are endless, the use of CBD for dogs is still under research. Still, scientists and researchers have successfully unearthed several benefits of cannabidiol for dogs. Let’s look at the top 5 ways CBD can be useful for your fur baby:

1. Eases Inflammation Caused by Arthritis

The metabolic pathways of CBD and anti-inflammatory drugs are the same. As a result, CBD helps reduce inflammation as these anti-inflammatory drugs do.

More specifically, CBD shares pathways with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, also known as NSAIDs. Some examples of NSAIDs include Rimadyl and ibuprofen.

In dogs, arthritis is a prevalent condition. It causes inflammation and deformation of joints and other body parts. One out of every four dogs gets diagnosed with this condition. According to a survey, almost 60% of dogs suffer from arthritis with varying levels of severity.

Current evidence suggests that providing your dog with CBD oil twice in one day can reduce inflammation caused by arthritis. It is best to give CBD twice daily in small quantities. Generally, you should follow dosage instructions provided by the manufacturer or discuss it with your vet.

2. Effectively Manages Pain

Since CBD is anti-inflammatory, it also helps manage pain associated with inflammation. According to studies, nearly 80% of dogs experience pain relief after regular use of CBD. However, other research suggests that CBD is more effective in pain management when combined with THC.

But there isn’t any solid research conducted on the effects of THC on dogs, so it is best to avoid introducing THC as it can cause psychosis.

3. Reduces Frequency of Seizures

There is very limited yet promising research available on the benefits of CBD for seizures in dogs. While seizures may occur due to various underlying causes, idiopathic epilepsy remains the most common.

While there is definitive proof that CBD helps human epileptic patients, the benefits of CBD for dogs require more studies. Still, little information suggests that CBD can considerably reduce the frequency of seizures in dogs. However, in all the studies conducted, all dogs were given CBD in addition to anti-epileptic drugs.

And since CBD is highly reactive by nature, it can cause detrimental effects by interacting with the drugs. But no such cases have come forward as of yet.

4. Relieves Symptoms Associated with Cancer

Even though pet parents take extra care of their pups, they can still fall victim to cancer, a life-threatening disease. To top it all off, chemotherapy, a cancer treatment, causes immense pain and discomfort to humans and dogs alike.

Studies suggest that CBD can treat cancer tumors in humans and relieve the side effects of chemotherapy. However, in the case of dogs, there aren’t any indications of tumor treatment. But is CBD safe for dogs with cancer? It most definitely is!

Research has uncovered that CBD can significantly reduce nausea, anxiety, and pain after chemotherapy. Additionally, it also helps improve your doggo’s appetite.

While it cannot cure cancer, evidence suggests that cannabidiol can halt the growth of tumor cells.

5. Settles Anxiety

CBD is a natural alternative to anti-anxiety drugs. Cannabidiol is a better option as it does not cause these drugs’ adverse effects.

Anecdotal evidence indicates CBD helps calm dogs with anxiety and reduces episodes of nightmares. Moreover, CBD is also beneficial for occasional use for treating anxiety in dogs after a traumatic incident. But it also relieves stress in the long term.

However, with more research and studies, the true potential of CBD for dogs with anxiety will come to the forefront.

Adverse Effects of CBD in Dogs

While CBD has countless health benefits for dogs, it can also cause some adverse effects.

For starters, research has found that upon CBD introduction to dogs in recommended doses, it can increase the alkaline phosphatase value in the liver. However, this sudden increase requires more studies as there is no medical significance of this elevation as of yet. But it can be possibly harmful to the liver.

And as already mentioned earlier, CBD is highly reactive. The possibility of CBD interacting with anti-epileptic and anti-anxiety drugs can cause adverse reactions.

Additionally, some pet owners noted that their fur babies started feeling drowsier after using CBD. But this symptom quickly resolved on its own.

Is CBD Safe for Dogs: The Verdict

Is CBD safe for dogs? Yes! Despite the possibility of adverse reactions, there is no record of incidents that indicate cannabidiol is unsafe for dogs. However, CBD extracts containing THC may trigger harmful side effects. Since there is limited research, even trace amounts of THC can harm your dog’s health.

You should consult your vet before introducing CBD to your dog, especially if your pup is on any medication for epilepsy and anxiety.

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?
Is CBD Safe for Dogs?Is CBD Safe for Dogs? Is CBD Safe for Dogs? Is CBD Safe for Dogs? Is CBD Safe for Dogs? Is CBD Safe for Dogs?
Is CBD Safe for Dogs?
Is CBD Safe for Dogs?
Is CBD Safe for Dogs?