CBG benefits

CBG is a rising star in the industry. People are becoming more aware of CBG benefits. Is it the compound everyone was looking for to formulate the perfect anti-anxiety? Is CBG for anxiety a possibility?

The trend of CBD took over the health and wellness industry overnight. The cannabinoid seemed the ultimate revolution not only for youthful skin and moisturized body but also for peace of mind and mental health. However, as the researchers increased their frequency of research on the centuries-old therapeutic effects of cannabis, they came across another compound that has shaken things up once again in the health and wellness industry but seems more promising than CBD.

Keep reading to find out more about the CBG benefits as an anti-anxiety. The article will also discuss potential CBG side effects to help consumers make informed choices.

CBG Benefits As Anti-Anxiety Found In a Study

A study conducted in late 2021 has pointed out significant CBG benefits as an anti-anxiety. Researchers of the study found a group of US residents aged 21 and over. The sample participated in a six-month self-reporting study on the CBG benefits and potential side effects.

The 127 participants were recruited online and were cannabis users, with their choice of intake being CBD predominant. However, the group took CBG predominant substances for six months during the study. Here are the results of the survey:

  • 2% of research participants reported reduced anxiety due to the usage of CBG for anxiety during the time of the study.
  • Though CBG was only able to improve the depressive moods of participants by 33.1%, the compound succeeded in providing extreme relief to 40.9% of participants in terms of chronic pain.
  • 7% of participants reported significant improvement in their sleep cycles, almost curing or helping with their insomnia.
  • Additionally, there were a significant number of participants that reported CBG to be far more effective than the traditional medicines they were taking for anxiety and related psychological disorders: 78.3% of participants for anxiety, a whopping 80% for depression, 73.9% for chronic pain and 73% for insomnia.

CBG Side Effects As Anti-Anxiety Found In a Study

Since researchers also asked the participants to report back any adverse effects or withdrawal symptoms to study CBG side effects further, here are some of the things found in the study:

  • 44% of the research participants reported no adverse effects regarding the CBG-predominant compound they took for the study.
  • Common CBG side effects reported by the research participants were dry mouth 16.5% and drowsiness 15%.
  • A very minimum number of research participants reported dry eyes (8.7%) and sudden bursts of hunger (11.8%.)
  • Only 15.7% of participants reported experiencing withdrawal symptoms, mainly complaining about having trouble falling asleep.

CBG benefits

Other Possible CBG Benefits

CBG benefits the human body by interacting with the body’s internal endocannabinoid system made up of receptors. These receptors are responsible for numerous functions, including mood regulation or the production of hormones or chemicals that counter the state of fight or flight people often feel during anxiety. Here are some other neurological and psychological CBG benefits to provide a clearer picture of the broad application of CBG:

Dopamine Production

A well-known hormone, dopamine, is associated with mood regulation and depression. The lower amount of dopamine can instantly make a person depressed. Anandamide, an endocannabinoid associated with a person’s mental well-being, is also responsible for increased dopamine production. CBG is formulated in such a way that it can easily influence anandamide and boost dopamine production, ultimately resulting in an improvement in mood.

Chronic Pain Relief

Pain is our brain’s way of making our body aware of dangerous stimuli. It’s a function of the nervous system that allows our body to avoid the triggers that may cause us harm. However, chronic pain is a pathology that develops due to a damaged nervous system causing pain in a specific body part even in the absence of dangerous stimuli.

In the study discussed above, CBG has proven beneficial for patients with chronic pain. Another study researched CBG’s role in the mechanical hypersensitivity caused by neuropathic pain, where even the lightest touch can cause excruciating pain. CBG alleviated the mechanical hypersensitivity induced in the guinea pigs, though subject to few limitations.

CBG for Anxiety: Worth It or Not?

As mentioned above, CBG benefits in fighting anxiety instead of the potential CBG side effects. Not only can CBG fight the symptoms of anxiety, but it can also trigger other mood regulators through the endocannabinoid system’s receptors. The receptors can, in turn, regulate the production process of necessary hormones for mood regulation.

Apart from that, the potential CBG benefits regarding pain relief and muscle relaxation contribute to making CBG an effective anti-anxiety. When the pain is released and muscles relax, the body eventually returns to its peaceful state, triggering dopamine release. A relaxed state and dopamine signal the mind that the environment is free of potential dangers, inhibiting the fight or flight system responsible for anxiety.

CBG benefits

To Sum It Up

Various researchers all around the globe are trying to figure out every possible aspect in which cannabis, a centuries-old plant, can contribute to the health and wellness market. While CBD and THC are widely recognized, CBG is only getting the much-deserved limelight now. Despite that, the latest research regarding CBG for anxiety has turned out to be fruitful in showing benefits and potential CBG side effects.

Like any other cannabinoid, the compound interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system and triggers the receptors for effective results. Hence, CBG is showing a promising future in the health and wellness industry, where an all-purpose drug can cut out the number of chemicals a person ingests for fighting numerous physiological and psychological pathologies or disorders.

As the study suggests CBG’s potential in relieving neuropathic pain, tackling depressive moods, curbing anxiety, and triggering a healthy sleep cycle, the compound may work well as a medicinal drug. CBG receptors found in the peripheral nervous system make the functions possible, ensuring the drug is safe overall with minor CBG side effects.

CBG Benefits: Is CBG the New Anti-Anxiety?