Cannabidiol, or CBD, has been growing famous daily for medical reasons. It’s the main component in the cannabis plant, which is being extracted to aid in multiple health-related situations. However, one thing that CBD is being sold for is helping one sleep. So, how does it reduce Insomnia and help insomniacs be put to bed exactly? Well, let’s explore more of that and explore Insomnia.

What is CBD?

CBD is a highly active ingredient used alongside marijuana for medical purposes. It’s extracted directly from a hemp plant (a cousin to marijuana). So why is it used medicinally if it’s a drug? It may work with marijuana itself, but it doesn’t get one intoxicated or high. CBD is primarily used for pain relief and can’t be used as a “party drug.”

Marijuana: A drug commonly known to get one high. It attempts to numb the body when a person experiences severe pain. CBD is, hence, used as a partner to medical marijuana to help people in distress. It’s completely legal to use CBD in many health-related products, so one need not worry. CBD oil is also used to make many products that aid in different ways.

How is CBD Helpful for Insomnia?

Insomnia is a condition where one can’t fall asleep no matter how much they try. It can be highly frustrating for people experiencing Insomnia as the lack of sleep deprives them of many things. Firstly, they’re always cranky and irritable. Their behavior ruins a lot of their relationships and their work lives.

Secondly, Insomnia prevents them from having a productive day. Since they’re running low on sleep, their bodies do not possess the strength and energy to function smoothly throughout the day. There’s still ongoing research to determine how CBD positively affects Insomnia. However, it’s a proven fact that CBD works significantly to reduce Insomnia. Let’s explain through the help of research conducted in 2019.

The research had 72 subjects, out of which 25 complained of Insomnia. Each day, the 25 subjects were given a CBD capsule (containing 25mg of CBD) to study its effects. At the end of month one, 66.7% of the research subjects claimed to be sleeping better. It was, hence, concluded that CBD positively affects Insomnia. CBD doesn’t get one high but numbs the brain just slightly. The numbness is enough for people to fall asleep. The best part is none of the subjects experienced any adverse side effects, such as nausea or joint pain.

What Causes Insomnia?

Insomnia is a whole another extension of poor mental health altogether. While people who experience Insomnia may vary for everyone, the symptoms and effects they go through are pretty much the same. So let’s analyze a few of the root causes of Insomnia.


People who suffer from anxiety experience insomnia often; whether they have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), or a basic level of anxiety, they’re highly prone to getting insomnia. This is because people with anxiety tend to overthink and create situations that aren’t real.

Their mind convinces them that something’s wrong. Of course, everyone’s anxiety works differently; however, the one thing common is the endless chaotic thoughts. These thoughts keep them up throughout the night, and no matter how tired they are, they’ll struggle to put themselves to sleep.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is a condition one gets after they’ve experienced severe trauma, something their brain and body can’t accept. In that situation, the mind’s instant reflex is to go into shock. All mental disorders work differently for everyone. The same is the case with PTSD.

Some people are constantly traumatized (getting better with time). At the same time, others may seem normal generally but may act out if they see or hear something associated with their trauma, triggering them. PTSD is a common condition that causes Insomnia.

Physical Pain

Insomnia isn’t just connected to mental disorders. Intense physical pain can sometimes cause Insomnia too. For example, a person has recently been through a bad accident, causing severe fractures and sprains in their hands and feet.

Such people will be in pain throughout until it slowly gets better. Imagine wanting to fall asleep, but your body pain won’t allow it. Sometimes, your body prevents you from tossing and turning, depriving you of a good night’s sleep.


Medicines can be tricky; some induce sleep, while others deprive you of it. Often, a person might be on medication that doesn’t allow them to fall asleep. That’s primarily because that specific medication affects the mind differently, causing the brain to respond differently.

However, one shouldn’t worry much as medications are a temporary course, and as soon as you’re off, you’ll be able to sleep much better.

How to Ingest CBD to Reduce Insomnia?

CBD, as said earlier, is becoming quite a popular product to treat Insomnia. Companies are capitalizing on CBD’s use by selling them as sleep inducers, and customers are purchasing them. There are many ways to ingest CBD into their system to reduce or curb their Insomnia.

Vape Concentrates

This isn’t the most encouraging way to consume CBD; however, smokers will find this method highly convenient. CBD is infused within vape flavors that slowly put the vaper to sleep. So, if you have a vape, put some CBD oil into it, and rest assured, you’ll be asleep before you know it.

Pills and Capsules 

Another way to ingest CBD directly is by popping CBD-filled pills and capsules. They’re like vitamins but with CBD in them. You do not have to worry about any side effects, as the only you’ll be experiencing is a good night’s sleep.


The most-innovative way to ingest CBD (which also sells faster in the market) is by swallowing gummies full of CBD. These gummies are shaped like gummy bears and are chewy (or tacky), making it much easier for insomniacs to consume CBD and reduce their Insomnia.

CBD Products as Sleep Remedies: Do They Help to Treat Insomnia?

CBD Products as Sleep Remedies
CBD Products as Sleep RemediesCBD Products as Sleep Remedies CBD Products as Sleep Remedies CBD Products as Sleep Remedies CBD Products as Sleep Remedies CBD Products as Sleep Remedies
CBD Products as Sleep Remedies: Do They Help to Treat Insomnia?CBD Products as Sleep Remedies
CBD Products as Sleep Remedies: Do They Help to Treat Insomnia?CBD Products as Sleep Remedies
CBD Products as Sleep Remedies: Do They Help to Treat Insomnia?CBD Products as Sleep Remedies