Research-backed studies have shown numerous benefits of CBD in the skincare industry. Whether ingestible or topical, CBD oils have become new favorites for consumers. However, when people thought they had witnessed the last revolution in the industry, researchers presented another fact-checked pinata regarding the CBG benefits in skin care products, claiming it to be even better than CBD.

So, are CBG skin products the new trend, or is there a chance to choose between CBD or CBG? Let’s find out!

What Is CBG?

Cannabigerol, or CBG, is one of the few compounds obtained from Cannabis sativa (hemp), the mother cannabinoid. All the other cannabinoids contain the essential CBG molecule within them. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBG is a non-psychoactive drug that doesn’t lead its consumer to a ‘high’ state, much like CBD.

The compound is also similar to CBD’s interaction with the human body. The human endocannabinoid system, responsible for maintaining homeostasis, has cellular receptors that bind to the molecule. That’s how cannabinoids affect the human body, while CBG benefits by also countering the effects of other cannabinoids.

CBG Skin Benefits

A rise in CBD’s demand came when the compound took over the skincare industry. Several big shots in the health and wellness industry also started formulating massage products with CBD molecules while the CBD oils became the new skincare norm. However, extensive research on human epidermal tissues reveals the potential of CBG in the skincare industry, owing to the numerous CBG benefits to the skin.

CBG Has Anti-Aging Properties

In research conducted to observe the CBG skin benefits on the human epidermis, researchers gave a group of 20 males and 20 females topical biosynthetic CBG, and the results obtained were discussed. The observations showed clear signs of skin protectant properties in CBG that slowed the aging process. This result depicts the potential of CBG skin products for anti-ageing.

Furthermore, CBG outperformed CBD when targeting collagen cells, which are responsible for restoring skin elasticity and delaying aging. The compound also worked in the skin’s hydration, another factor contributing to youthful skin.

CBG Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Every aesthetician and dermatologist in the world emphasizes the use of SPF and sun protection because UV rays (A and B) give rise to free radicals in the skin responsible for inflammation.

In the same study discussed above, researchers exposed a 3D skin model to these ultraviolet rays and other chemicals that activate the cytokines in human skin, receptors responsible for inflammation. CBG and CBD outperformed the trusty Vitamin C in inhibiting the activation of cytokines while also blocking the production of oxidative stress or free radicals. Hence, the study validates the anti-inflammatory properties of CBG and shows the potential of CBG skin products.

CBG Has Antimicrobial Properties

Cannabis has been known for its antibacterial properties for decades. Researchers found the antimicrobial properties of CBG in the research as the compound successfully blocked the effects of C.acnes against the triggering of cytokines.

Cutibacterium acne or C.acnes is the species of bacteria responsible for a prevalent skin condition known as acne. The bacteria enter via hair follicles, moving into the sebaceous glands alongside the strands. The bacteria elevates the production level of sebum, causing the hair follicles to block and create a build-up inside the skin. The bacteria also trigger inflammation.

CBG benefits regarding the anti-inflammatory properties indicate that the molecule can significantly decrease the chances of bacteria entering the cells.


CBG Has Antioxidant Properties

To inhibit the triggering of oxidative stress that results in free radical formation on the skin, skin care products must be formulated with antioxidant ingredients. Vitamin C has long enjoyed its reputation as the best antioxidant, but CBG has succeeded in dethroning the compound.

CBD and CBG have shown better antioxidant properties making the cannabinoids preferred compounds in today’s trending skincare products.

CBG Reduces TEWL

Transepidermal water loss is a common phenomenon that indicates water loss via passively evaporation from the skin. As a result, dryness and irritation occur on the skin’s surface, often causing redness. These are the conditions that are indicative of eczema and rosacea, amongst other skin conditions.

Researchers induced irritation on the epidermis of study participants using sodium lauryl sulfate, a mild detergent. The researchers provided the group with a CBG serum (0.1% concentration) and a placebo for two weeks. By the end of the two weeks, CBG serum showed better results than the placebo, indicating a positive impact on the reduction of TEWL.

CBD or CBG: Which One Is More Preferable for Skincare?

The fact that CBG outperformed CBD in different aspects of skincare indicates that CBG skin benefits outdo CBD benefits and CBG may be a better option as an ingredient in skincare products. The compound had a higher rate of targeting the gene responsible for collagen production.

Collagen is a vital component in keeping the skin elastic and youthful. The protein is abundant in human skin, making the skin appear firm and flexible. However, as humans age, a lack of collagen results in wrinkles and fine lines since the aging skin’s collagen production depletes. CBG benefits by inhibiting and somewhat reversing the process, making it preferable in skin care products.

CBG had also outshone CBD regarding its performance in targeting the elastin gene. Elastin protein is often confused with collagen, which is responsible for the retrieval of structure that deforms upon stretching, similar to a rubber band. Skin and other connective tissues have elastins, especially the organs that stretch more to release fluid and regain its original shape immediately.

However, different cannabinoids combined as broad spectrum oils can work wonders and outperform their solo effects. This phenomenon is known as the entourage effect and is much more beneficial for skin than CBD or CBG as lone ingredients in a product.



Final Thoughts

No one can deny the CBD or CBG benefits as the ingredient in skincare products. The compound’s anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties and ability to reduce skin water loss have shown significant promise in revolutionizing the skincare industry. The health and wellness industry can also enjoy these CBG skin benefits as salons and spas increase the usage of CBG and broad-spectrum oils made up of CBD and CBG in their anti-aging skin treatment routines and massages.

CBD or CBG, both compounds, have outperformed numerous other skincare formulas. But a combination of the two is often preferable. However, if there’s a need to choose one, CBG benefits wins the vote.

CBD or CBG: Which Is The New Holy Grail for Skincare?

CBD or CBG: Which Is The New Holy Grail for Skincare?
CBD or CBG: Which Is The New Holy Grail for Skincare?
CBD or CBG: Which Is The New Holy Grail for Skincare?CBD or CBG: Which Is The New Holy Grail for Skincare? CBD or CBG: Which Is The New Holy Grail for Skincare? CBD or CBG: Which Is The New Holy Grail for Skincare? CBD or CBG: Which Is The New Holy Grail for Skincare?