Cannabidiol, or CBD, has become a buzzword in the cosmetic industry. Today, you’ll find several beauty care products infused with CBD. 

Many creams, lotions, lip balms, serums, mascaras, lip gloss, oils, shampoos, and facemasks contain CBD extracts. But is it worth the hype? Read on to learn about the use of CBD in cosmetics. 

How is CBD Obtained?

Before proceeding to CBD skincare and cosmetics, let’s first understand how we obtain CBD. The cannabis sativa plants have two different varieties; these are marijuana and hemp. Both plants contain cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD. 

But the difference between CBD obtained from both plants is that the extracts from the marijuana plant contain high quantities of THC, while hemp extract has little or no THC. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is a compound that makes you feel high. Since there is a negative association with THC, most consumers are hesitant to use CBD cosmetics, even when obtained from hemp. 

But in 2018, the federal government legalized hemp and CBD extracts containing 0-3% THC. 

CBD in Cosmetics 

CBD is considered an adaptogenic compound. These compounds interact with skin receptors which directly affects the skin’s ability to cope with stress, aging, and fatigue. 

When CBD cosmetics or skincare are applied, they improve the body’s ability to withstand environmental changes and prevent the skin from getting damaged due to oxidative stress and other factors. 

Our skin contains CB1 and CB2 receptors throughout the body. The topical application of CBD-infused products binds the molecules to these receptors. The CB1 and CB2 receptors are primarily responsible for maintaining homeostasis. 

Homeostasis is the body’s ability to withstand external conditions via self-regulation. 

When CBD is bound to these receptors, the skin starts producing new cells, which makes cannabidiol suitable for use as an anti-aging and sebum-control product. 

Top 4 Benefits of CBD Cosmetics and Skincare

CBD has many acclaimed benefits in the skincare and beauty care industry. But some of the claims need more scientific backing as their use is still relatively new, and more research is required. Still, some of the evidence confirms the claims to a certain extent. Let’s look at the top 4 benefits of CBD in cosmetics and skincare that have turned out to be true. 

  1. Regulated Sebum Production

The sebaceous glands contain sebocytes on the skin that produce a waxy, oily substance called sebum. It is the main compound responsible for forming a barrier on the skin to keep it protected and moisturized. However, excessive sebum production accumulates in the pores, which also catches dirt and dust, resulting in acne, pimples, and blackheads. Moreover, it makes your skin appear greasy and makes the pores look enlarged. 

When CBD is applied topically, it prevents the sebocytes from overproducing sebum because of its inherent anti-inflammatory properties. 

  1. Prevents and Eliminates Acne

When CBD regulates sebum production, it automatically prevents acne. However, CBD is not only preventive but also a remedial product that can eliminate acne. Since it is anti-inflammatory, it effectively removes acne by reducing redness and inflammation. 

  1. Hydration

Overproduction of sebum causes oily skin, while underproduction can cause dryness. But CBD ensures that the skin produces the right amount of sebum so that your skin’s moisture barrier remains intact. Moreover, it boosts collagen production because of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Consequently, you can have healthy and hydrated skin. 

Since it keeps your skin moisturized, many beauty brands have started infusing CBD oil in products such as moisturizers, lotions, lip balms, mascaras, lip gloss, cream blush, highlighters, and serums. 

  1. Fights Signs of Aging

CBD is inherently an anti-oxidant. When applied topically, it counteracts free radical damage, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of CBD combine to eliminate skin dullness, giving you younger-looking skin. 

You will experience a visible reduction in signs of aging with regular CBD use. There are many CBD-infused anti-aging creams and serums that you can use, but only using CBD oil can also help. 

How to Shop for CBD Cosmetics

When shopping for CBD skincare or cosmetics, you must choose wisely. Here are a few things to look for in CBD products: 

  • According to the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients, all CBD products must list cannabidiol in the ingredient list as no other name is INCI-compliant. Do not confuse CBD oil with hemp seed oil, as they are two entirely different products. 
  • There aren’t any standards that require manufacturers to list CBD content in products or the CBD quantity needed for a single application. Still, suppose a product enlists the amount of CBD in milligrams. In that case, it indicates that the manufacturer is responsible and reliable, and you can choose that product over others with little or no relevant information. 
  • Always check for third-party verification to ensure you buy an authentic product. Try to find products that contain the USDA organic seal, as it certifies that the product is highly pure with no additives or contaminants. 

Wrapping Up

There is a broad scope for CBD in cosmetics because of the many benefits it offers. However, there is a growing need for more research to explore other uses of hemp-extracted CBD oil. 

In the upcoming years, the use of CBD in the beauty care industry will expand as more and more properties of CBD come to the surface. Still, it has a long way to go as there are some concerns regarding its use. In some cases, cannabidiol can cause adverse effects, especially for people with sensitive skin. 

The Use of CBD in Cosmetics