Cannabis sativa L. extract & cannabidiol’s role in the inhibition of inflammation and wound injury moderators 

Authors: Sangiovanni E , Fumagalli M , Pacchetti B , Piazza S. Magnavacca A , Khalilpour S , Melzi G , Martinell G , Dell’Agli M

Background : 

Skin inflammatory diseases result from complex events that include irregulation and abnormal expression of inflammatory mediators or their receptors in skin cells.

Studies have investigated the potential effect of a Cannabis sativa L. ethanolic extract present in cannabidiol as an anti-inflammatory agent in the skin.

While unraveling the molecular mechanisms of keratinocytes and fibroblasts in humans.

Effects of CBDs on skin inflammation :

The Cannabis extract inhibited the release of mediators of inflammation involved in wound healing and inflammatory processes occurring in the skin.

CBD extract inhibited the ( NF-Kb pathway ) by counteracting the tumor necrosis, in skin cells.

Difference between effects of Cannabis Extract and Cannabidiol :

Cannabis extract and cannabidiol showed different effects on the release of interleukin – 8 and vascular endothelial growth factor, which are both mediators whose genes are dependent on NF – KB.

Conclusion : 

The effect of Cannabidiol and Cannabis Extract was the same on the NF – kB pathway and metalloproteinase – 9 giving Cannabidiol superiority in effectiveness.

Due to the presence of Cannabidiol genes involved in wound healing and inflammation were less likely to exert any change due to the presence of Cannabidiol.

Result : 

Our findings provide new insights into the potential effect of Cannabis extracts against inflammation-based skin diseases.

Cannabis CBD’s role in inhibition of inflammation and wound injury moderators