Cannabinoids in the Pathophysiology of Skin Inflammation

Authors : Scheeu C , Bedereu I , Mihal LG , Scheau AE , Costache DO , Constantin C, Calina D. Caruntu C , Costache RS . Caruntu

Medical Use of Cannabinoids ( CBD ) : 

Cannabinoids are increasingly used substances in the treatment of chronic pain, some neuropsychiatric disorders, and recently skin inflammatory disorders.

With some disagreements mostly studies suggest that cannabinoids may even exert

pro-inflammatory behaviors.

This paper aims to detail and clarify the complex workings of cannabinoids at the molecular level for dermatological inflammatory diseases, and their interactions with other substances with emerging applications in the treatment of these conditions.

CBD for the cure of Cancer : 

The potential role of cannabinoids as antitumoral drugs is explored in relation to the inflammatory component of skin cancer.

In cellular and individual level studies that employed either Phyto (plant-based) , endo (inside body ), or synthetic cannabinoids were studied in this research.

 Cannabis for the cure of Skin Inflammation :

Cannabinoids are regarded with growing interest as eligible drugs in the treatment of skin inflammatory conditions, with potential anticancer effects, and the readiness in the monitoring of effects and the facility of topical application may contribute to the growing support of the use of these substances

Conclusion : 

Despite the promising early results, further controlled human studies are required to establish the definitive role of these products in the pathophysiology of skin inflammation and their usefulness in the clinical setting.

Cannabinoids for cure of Skin Inflamation