Therapeutic role of cannabinoid receptors and Effects on Parkinson’s disease :

What is Parkinson’s Disease? 

Parkinson’s disease ( PD ) with common symptoms as tremors or spasms, is a neurodegenerative disease and its characteristic is the progressive degeneration of dopamine-producing neurons in ( SN ) of the midbrain. There is hardly any clinically proven efficient therapeutics for its cure in several recent preclinical advances proposed to treat PD.

Here is what this research means for you :

Recent studies have found that the Endocannabinoid system ( ECS ) in the brain comprises two receptors,

CB1 and CB2 receptors, have a significant regulatory function in Basal Ganglia ( a group of neurons those control movements or motor actions ) and are involved in the development of PD.

Understanding the biochemical interactions between Cannabinoids ( CBD, THC ) and other signaling pathways may help develop new pharmacological strategies.

How ECS affects Parkinson’s Disease . ? 

Factors of the Endocannabinoid System ( ECS ) are abundantly expressed in the neural circuits of basal ganglia, where they interact interactively with Glutamatergic compounds, y – aminobutyric acid – ergic ( GABA-ergic), and Dopaminergic signaling systems.

( Dopamine releasing compounds, a hormone which makes us feel pleasurable, excitable, euphoric way)

Although preclinical studies on PD are promising the use of cannabinoids at the clinical level has not been thoroughly studied.

Conclusion : 

In this review, we evaluated the available evidence and reviewed the involvement of ECS in the evaluation of symptoms and treatments related to PD Since CB1 and CB2 receptors are the two main receptors of Endocannabinoids, we primarily put the focus on the therapeutic role of CB1 and CB2 receptors in Parkinson’s.

Hope : 

We will try to determine future research clues that will help understand the potential therapeutic benefits of the ECS in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease, aiming to open up new strategies and ideas for the treatment of PD .

Cannabidiol (CBD) ‘s Effect on Parkinson’s disease