Wild Plant’s Mission is Easy:

Attainable Wellness – Naturally

We strive to achieve our mission by educating our customers on the benefits of plant-based healing support using these potent botanicals.
Wild Plant products are backed by a team of innovators who are dedicated to research, compliance, advancement, and reproducible control standards. WildPlant considers the well-being of our customers and our ecological footprint as top priorities. Trust us on your quest for wellness.


Grow with us!

Trustworthy Sourcing

Wild Plant™ Superior Quality Products rely on Hemp plants that are carefully selected for genetics, purity and strength. These selected hemp plant strains have reproducible extraction profiles that are rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, antioxidants, fatty acids and other nutrients our bodies require. All of Wild Plant’sTM hemp is grown organically in the USA by our partners who are multi-generational farmers.

Thoughtful Formulation

Supercritical CO2 technology provides an extraction process that ensures purity, safety, and methods that are reproducible. This allows us to create the purest, cleanest, most effective full-spectrum wellness products on the market using minimal, organic ingredients. We are proud to share share our thrid-party testing results with you at any time, just scan the QR code on the bottom of the box.






Minimal Ingredients — Maximum Efficacy.
No fluff — No BS.

Sustainable Wellness

We have found ourselves in a time where we embrace and romanticize busy lifestyles to the point where an all-nighter is seen as a badge of honor rather than a sacrifice in the self-care department. Although the world spins faster, we can adapt to it.

We are proud to offer a daily solution to the stressful hustle and bustle we’ve come to accept as the normal. Our carefully developed profiles ensure all compounds are working together to provide a wellness option that helps you be your unique, best self.